Imagine your favorite character invites you over to watch their favorite TV show with them.  You agree, thinking it’ll only be a few episodes.  Hours pass.  The episodes keep coming.  You try to get up to go to the bathroom, but your favorite character pins you down in your seat.  Your favorite character slaps you awake when you start to fall asleep.  You can’t leave.  The show keeps playing

mooremooo asked:

Ah yes. *lights cigarette* I remember the great Tessler/Gorn ship of 2014. *Takes a drag* Nobody knew where it came from, or where it went. But that ship will sail forever.

Lmaaao. It’s been around before 2014, I think? At least me and K’lee have been shipping it before then, I can assure you.

But no really, Torn is pretty great. Let me highlight a few examples why.

  • Both are cranky
  • Both are grumpy
  • Both are old
  • Potentially freakin’ adorable together
  • Human AU Gorn is a cat lady but also a mad scientist
  • They would yell at kids if they were in their yard
  • uh *whispers* size difference

 Tesler/Gorn is my all time favorite OTP.

Anonymous asked:

Why did you start shipping Tesler & Gorn? Was there something I missed when I watched Uprising that made them a good ship or what?

Well, that came out of left field lol.

Honestly, I don’t really remember. They as characters just seem to click in my brain, and of course it’s not for everyone. Both Tesler and Gorn seem to be around the same age (Gorn certainly looks like an older female program), are generally cranky about others, and have an overall similar atmosphere. I think, at least. Imagine how completely and utterly dangerous they could be if they worked together, or coupled up.

Also, my friend and I have too many AUs where they’re human and ugh, anon, let me tell you it is literally adorable.

Everyone needs the Tesler/Gorn (Torn) ship, I’d say.